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Each workshop presents an opportunity for shared work based on past experiences or elements found in Louise Vanneste’s process. It opens up a field in which exchange, personal reflection and group reflection guide the how the workshop evolves as the day progresses.

Extension training - Toulouse
Improvising the imagination

This workshop is dedicated to improvisation and the relationship between the mind, the imagination and the body. Based on the imaginary plant world in solo work and on rules set for several people in group work, we will experiment on immediate writing, that of the mind and the body. This perspective will be enriched by the music, which is crucial to the process.

Academy of Theatre and Dance - Amsterdam University of the Arts

Gone in a heartbeat – rework

Due to the Covid 19 health crisis, this workshop was given online. The work on the piece Gone in a heartbeat focused on developing solos linked to the first 10 minutes of the piece. After a three-week workshop, the students were invited to continue the process alone and complete three propositions of their own: an indoor form, an outdoor form (via Zoom) and lastly a video.

Joint Adventure - SOLID GROUND - Munich
The birth of movement

In my choreographic work, abandonment corresponds to a certain passivity in the body, the abandonment of desire for the benefit of sensorial listening. I invite each performer to pay particular attention to the emergence of the gesture without mediation, without will, directly related to events. The writing is formed from a state of elementarity, a response from the body that is both raw and conscious and that influences the actions that follow. The body lets itself move (body tropisms) through its internal environment (mental imagination) or external environment (others, the environment). It is the starting point for a language that leads towards choreographic writing.



21 July 2020 > 26 July 2020

Solid Ground

Joint Adventure, Munich, Allemagne

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