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Création 2022 / site specific project for 4 dancers

Making a connection with selected areas of flora and fauna, whether arranged or not by humans, through choreographic practice. Spending time there, being sufficiently interested to change our relationship with it. From the romantic landscape to the amazement of discovering (mainly through scientific knowledge) how non-humans function, putting our culture of “nature” into perspective is a long journey.

Metakutse is our way of filling a green space at stake by exploring the equilibrium between the imprint and decolonisation, the writing and non-interventionism, the expression and disappearance of our bodies.

Ultimately it is about reconnecting what is sacred and mysterious about these spaces (including us) in as concrete a way as possible, without pushing for romanticism but without being sterile either: to be with, dance within and write through the body in an adapted relationship. Finding poetry in the harsh reality of the intentions and ways of being living things, choreographers or plants, in their physical and sensitive material.

Concept & choreography

Louise Vanneste

In collaboration with

Music : Cédric Dambrain

Choreography & dance : Paula Almiron, Amandine Laval, Katia Petrowick, Castelie Yalombo

Choreographical assistant : Paula Almiron and Anja Rötgerkamp

Production Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses

Coproduction Nos lieux communs

Avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles


10 September 2022

Plastique Danse Flore

Potager du Roi, Versailles, , France

09 July 2022 > 10 July 2022

Essieu du Batut

La Grande Confluence, Entraygue-sur-Truyère, France

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