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Juke box

Juke box

Collaborative project - 2020

Juke-box sets up a direct creative link between audiences and dancers / choreographers. During the first Unlocked Charleroi Danse festival in 2020, about ten members of the audience were invited to select a piece of music that they would like to see choreographed. A similar number of choreographers / dancers made a selection from these suggestions and developed solo routines. The dancers come together on the dance floor, taking it in turns to perform these solos, creating a joyful wealth of short danses in the process.


Louise Vanneste

Choreography and dance

Colline Etienne, Bruno Freire, Ben Fury, Tijen Lawton, Anastasia Guevel, Youness Khoukhou, Daniel Linehan, Leslie Mannes, Meri Pajumpää, Vilma Pitrinaite.

Production, booking & administration

Alix Sarrade & Andréa Kerr (Alma Office)

A proposition of Louise Vanneste for Unlocked - Charleroi danse July 2020 / Production Charleroi danse, Centre chorégraphique de Wallonie-Bruxelles


09 October 2021


Théâtre le Manège, Mons,

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