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Research project FRArt

Towards the territories of the imaginary and hybrid practices

For several years now, Louise Vanneste's works have been motivated by a desire to broaden the notion of choreography. They seek to challenge the primacy of the eye, be freed from the reflex of legible and transparent writing, thwart the view of the stage from the front, and consider movement beyond the dancing body.

With the aim of expanding this even more radically, two paths are emerging: first, the inclusion of the non-human in artistic challenges in order to develop an ecology of meanings and living systems, and second the hybridisation of practices and knowledge in order to become emancipated from a dualistic development of thought.

This research proposition is not about ecology in the strictly environmental sense of the world but, in collaboration with other disciplines, is aimed at giving spectators, readers and participants a holistic experience that offers numerous perspectives on art and the living.

This research will have three main strands to it: somatic practice and imagination as choreographic tools, three-way literary writing (poetry, knowledge and philosophy), and botanical and scientific work in situ in the Bois de Lauzelle, a site managed by UCLouvain.

Louise Vanneste consider this interdisciplinary mixing to be like gatherings, sharing the living nature of a dialogue or an idea being developed, capable of teasing out forms.

The modes of attention, expression and listening differ depending on the environment in which the body finds itself. Thus the places where the research is undertaken are deliberately varied: an art college, a hidden part of the forest, or even a notebook stripped of some of its leaves. All opportunities, starting from the position as choreographer, for tackling the tools of the edition, of work in-situ, of field recordings and of the web.

Research by

Louise Vanneste

In collaboration with

Paula Almiron, Cédric Dambrain, Emmanuelle Nizou, Katia Petrowick ...

Research financed by FRArt (F.R.S.-FNRS) in collaboration with Institut des Arts de Diffusion à Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve


Worshop with the students in theater of IAD - 19 to 23 December 2022


Ottignies, Louvain-la-Neuve, ,

05 March 2022 > 06 March 2022

Studio Etangs Noirs

Bruxelles, , Belgique

29 November 2021 > 03 December 2021

La Bellone

Bruxelles, , Belgique

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